About Novahep’s Products

The core product provided by NovaHep can be used to replace non-functioning blood vessels in patients with different types of vascular disease. Traditional treatments all have their limitations and complications, typically implying adverse side effects for patients, who are oftentimes faced with severely reduced quality of life and shortened life span. These traditional solutions consequently imply a huge economic burden for society.

„NovaHep strives to deliver a life changing impact to patients – to provide “Vessels for LIFE” – and to provide for major benefits for hospitals, healthcare providers and society – globally“

The improved alternative provided by NovaHep implies developing individualized blood vessels, built up by the patient’s own cells seeded onto the decellularized extracellular matrix of a donor blood vessel. The basis for developing these blood vessels is a unique and advanced stem cell technology, with unique underlying methods and processes. Major benefits for the patient, implied by this technology, are improved quality of life and most likely also prolonged survival as the underlying disease can be cured instead of treated. Further, no immunosuppression is needed. For hospitals, health care providers and society, major benefits are reduced costs due to fewer complications that need hospital care and shorter periods of leave of absence for patients (more information, including successfully reached milestones and future milestones, is found under the Innovation and “Applications” sections, respectively).

Other :

Exo-Check Exosome Antibody Array
Direct PCR Lysis Reagent 50ml (tail)
Clone HI30. Isotype Mouse IgG1 k
Streptococcus pyogenes, 100 Test
Human Anti-P, gingivalis IgG Antibody
Sirius red total collagen Detection kit
PA-Uncoated antigen
Human tPA total antigen ELISA kit
Products for laboratory tests